Thursday, February 3, 2005 “Fillon will revise its bill on the future of the school to avoid censorship” is the title of an article of the World who referred to the threat made yesterday by President of the National Assembly.

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Thursday, February 3, 2005 "Fillon will revise its bill on the future of the school to avoid censorship" is the title of an article of the World who referred to the threat made yesterday by President of the National Assembly. Le Parisien devoted, meanwhile, a large file on sex and teens, from interviews with young Vincennes and Montreuil. Otherwise, in general, the newspapers today are similar to those of yesterday and succumb to the disease of "recovery" that affects all journalists. Some repeat the information from the other and vice versa …. Good reading… ——————————————— – Release of 03/02/05 Mobilization for students without papers risk expulsion Rally of teachers and parents yesterday in 17 cities. Read more of the article "It went from 5 to 4 joints a day a week" In Bordeaux, a new venue assists young people smoke the shit, and their worried parents. Read more of the article You smoke, you go over, you throw up six spots to confront the "myth" of cannabis in his "reality", assured yesterday Philippe Douste-Blazy, who exercised after three years ‘government inaction, to launch the first media campaign on the shit. Rightly, the Dutch and the British (Talk frank: "Let’s talk frankly") have already given. No doubt, however, that this stunt advances the reputation of the minister of health in youth. With pint of laughter guaranteed, from its television broadcast from February 8. We see a close-up of actors replay evidence gleaned on the Internet: in high school, "even if we write what we hear at the end of the day, we did not record anything," says a smoker. "At first you smoke a joint a month, after a day, you go over, you’re going to school," insists a guy. "Once I abused and I vomited everywhere," confesses a black teenager. Read more of the article Exchange sailing against Voltaire by Peter Marcelle. In its ministerial bodies and most compelling, National Education therefore estimated forty-eight the number of sails that the law "on secularism" will, in five months of application, expelled from schools. By stating Thursday that statistic, I heard many objections that it would create: the law against the veil therefore expelled me does one retorts, forty-eight girls; which would be a lesser evil, given that the Republican laxity could have arouse fundamentalist rags. Mathematically, the argument is irrefutable. Its limit, alas, is not to be arithmetical, when other elements reinforce the feeling that this law does not meet its stated objectives. So this: last week, the teachers called to get the French ferry received, the InterAcademy Service examinations and competitions (Siec) preconvocation their form. Behind the usual guidelines of respect due to expensive toddlers, the other, set out in these terms: "It is recalled (sic) and oral and written, any text that might shock the conscience or sensitivity candidates will be excluded. "the purpose might not be new, but this year we (me) points. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- – Le Figaro 03/02/05 Francois Fillon launches the battle of reading Francois Fillon is convinced the catastrophic results recently obtained by spelling students confirm its return policy to "traditional exercises" […] yesterday. to members of the national reading Observatory, the Minister of Education broke a little the point: "the mastery of reading is the essential key to the personal construction," he said. However, "the fact is known and does not suffer from clear: 15% of students entering 6th have difficulty attending school normally." For these young people, the minister believes it is time to "fight the battle for reading" and to address a relatively taboo: that of learning. Prudent Francois Fillon was careful not to take sides with the advocates of phonics, grouped in particular within the collective of teachers Saving letters, dictation disaster organizer (our editions of yesterday). "It is not to interfere in the initiatives of the masters," said the minister. But it is urgent, he said, to establish at least "a state of knowledge on learning methods of reading." Read more of the article teenage suicides occur increasingly early second cause of death among youth, just after traffic accidents, suicide teenagers severely hit France. It even reaches record compared to our European neighbors. Because the number of "acting out" successful, according to the word of experts, may well diminish over the past ten years, it fell twice as fast as all other causes of death. When suicide attempts, their number is still growing. Read more of the article Sophie seemed to bother the latest words of love Sophie, 14, were displayed Monday on the phone with her best friend. A few minutes later, the girl with blue eyes was hanging in the garage of the family lodge, Vaux-le-Penil in Seine-et-Marne. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- the Humanity of 03/02/05 the students bristle all round the tub does not subside in education, on the contrary. After the teachers and parents, it is, it seems, the turn of students to voice their anger. For two weeks now, many institutions resonate, even sparsely, to the sound of their dissatisfaction (Humanity of 25 January). Tuesday, 2 000 young people arrived ten establishments Ile-de-France, gathered spontaneously outside the Ministry of Education, and no appeal was launched. In the Aveyron, they were all to gather in Rodez and could still hear them elsewhere. A call to protest, Saturday, Feb. 5, along with employees (1), is now current. Three organizations – the LDIFs, UNL and JC – support what looks like the beginnings of a student movement. Everywhere one common denominator: the rejection of the bill orientation for school. Read more of the article adolescence, age not possible Although 95% of teens say they are in good health, a specific treatment of diseases related to this transitional age was needed. The house welcomes teenagers in Bobigny, in the fall, young weakest of the Seine-Saint-Denis. It remains difficult to understand the speech of adolescents: an often fantasized age, never understood. Mirror yet of a company. Read more of the article "We are in a society that is afraid of young and old who hides his" Maryse Vaillant, psychologist and author, highlights the contradictory situation in which our economic and cultural model puts adolescents. Interview. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- ——— Le Parisien 03/02/05 According chemistry homework
to their environment, young people do not have the same sexuality sexuality is heavily influenced by social background. In Vincennes, chic, and Montreuil, popular, young people were not really the same intimate life! This is the finding of a survey that has just been published. "Sexualities adolescent" Marta Maia just published the Pepper Editions Read more of the article "In less affluent neighborhoods, all done earlier," Marta Maia, anthropologist, author of "Sexualities teenage ‘It’ is a city of history, but a family environment, means and educational choice: many small Montreuillois are enrolled in Vincennes! What is certain is that the most popular side, everything is done before: to 11-12 years for the first flirt boys 12-13 years for girls of French or African origin. The "first time" takes place around 15, she is initiatory rather than romantic, as if it was absolutely necessary to pass quickly in there. Only small Maghreb and Portuguese claiming their virginity. While at Vincennes girls and boys have their first flirtations to 13 years and wait 17 years – and the first love a little strong – to go further. Read more of the article These students of both worlds have spoken Uninhibited In each camp, they, their a priori. What Mohamed brilliant chain XXL links neck, Lea, Lacoste cap on his head, Aziz, leather jacket bad boy or Philip, tracksuit, basketball cap, all students of the Jean Jaures high school in Montreuil (Seine-Saint -Denis), think of the "Bourges Vincennes"? The "guys are fags and stuck the butt when the girls, they do not know what that’s life." This Henry, named after particle and velvet jacket, Helena Pine’s bristling coat and Raphael gelled hair, all enrolled in private school Notre-Dame-de-la-Providence in Vincennes (Val-de-Marne), think of their neighbors "9-3"? "We do not live in the same universe, there is talk of rotating, girls that are lacking respect.Pas sure things are also black. Some chic evenings are more crazy than we think. "At first, we say that these two worlds have nothing to say, they are unable to discuss together their sexuality. It’s wrong. Yesterday afternoon, we organized a meeting in a cafe in front of City Hall in Vincennes. Read more of the article confidences of nearly 600 teenagers It is no coincidence that the anthropologist Marta Maia took more than two years to gather all the information necessary for his thesis, and another two years to analyze all and thus write "Sexualities adolescents." A big part of his research was based on open interviews with young people, it took "close" to that trust develops and forget the little tape recorder that recorded their doubts and emotions. A total of 80 teenagers entrusted face to face: 22 public high school Jean Jaures Montreuil (Seine-Saint-Denis) on one side, the other 28 private vocational school Gregor Mendel and 28 of institution Notre-Dame-de-la-Providence in Vincennes (Val-de-Marne). Read more of the article Five Tips to quit smoking cannabis "cannabis is a reality. "This formula has been used many times yesterday by Health Minister Philippe Douste-Blazy, who presented the first communication campaign ever by a government in France to denounce the dangers of" joint ". Experts now agree to denounce, for those who smoke "regularly", a real risk of alteration of perception, attention disorders, loss of motivation and a deterioration of social relations. The television campaign, which begins February 8 consists of spots "of teenagers words" denouncing their day ruined by cannabis. "I do not see that the friends I have known through the shit," says one girl. "At the end of the day, I did not manage to get up, I was in a bad trip," said a boy. A "help in stopping cannabis Guide" was developed by the National Prevention and Health Education Institute (INPE) from an Australian experience, and distributed 600 000 copies . It can be had in his general practitioner or specialist consultations in support of cannabis. Yesterday the Minister Douste-Blazy pledged cannabis consultations in each department. Read more of the article VOICE EXPRESS. How do you think the anti-cannabis advertising campaign? "Bravo! These short stories are sobering and may deter those who start smoking. But for large consumers, pictures showing the painful effects would have been more effective. The slogan is little punchy, compared to that of the anti-alcohol campaign, you are seen you when you drank? : Given a ridiculous image of consommateur.La, it’s too nice. " Read the rest of the article —————————————— —— the Cross of Nothing seen … 03/02/05 ——————————- —————– 20 minutes from 03/02/05 Supporting students without papers Several hundred teachers and pupils gathered yesterday in the prefectures and sub-prefectures French. An unprecedented coordination in defense of undocumented students. They would be "several thousand" in this case in France, according to Education Without Borders, which brings together 70 associations and unions. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —— West of France 03/02/05 This dictation worth zero points to a much students following dictation ‘relatively simple’ which earned a zero points (at least 10 mistakes) to 56% 2300 Second of students tested by the group ‘Save the letters’). The text, given the brevet in 1988, fired Monday Tales of Alphonse Daudet. Here it is: […] Read more of the article ————————————- ———— Le Monde 04/02/05 a kindergarten: "But I, my mom also makes the bike" There "mom gloves for the safe "and" dad gloves for riding motorcycles. " So says a mistress to her students in a middle class section, in kindergarten. "But me, my mom also makes the bike," retorts Damien without her remark raises a response. This exchange, Leila Acherar, PhD in education sciences and lecturer at the University of Montpellier III, was heard and transcribed in the study Boys and girls in kindergarten she recently published for on behalf of the regional delegation for women’s rights and equality of Languedoc-Roussillon. She says that school, "as we persist in maternal call, transmits an archaic model of relationship between the sexes." So participates structures and practices that create inequality between men and women. Read more of the article Francois Fillon will revise its bill on the future of the school to avoid censorship The content of the orientation bill for the future of Francois Fillon school will be reviewed . The Minister of Education is studying several scenarios to reduce the risk of censure by the Constitutional Council. The current text contains too many regulatory provisions (Le Monde, February 3). As the bill has already been passed by the Cabinet on 12 January, the changes would be made by way of parliamentary amendments during the debate to begin on February 15 at the National Assembly. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- – Posted by Watrelot on Thursday, February 3, 2005