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I don’t smoke cigarettes or tobacco so I am also planning on buying a good quality vaporiser for when my grow is complete and harvested. i tend to believe that some patients with major depressive disorder can benefit from marijuana’s effects on delta sleep.

So now I use it sparingly, take breaks and man it has been soooo much better. I really don’t want to experience those negative effects again, so I think I will also invest in a vaporiser and start with slow, small puffs to see what the effects are. If I feel adverse effects, the home grow project with all the time, money and risk it entails, could be a waste of time. But I will never be sure until I do it all correctly – and right now I don’t want to get drunk everytime I am having an anxiety attack that prevents me from sleeping.

Interestingly, deep sleep was increased when cannabis was initially used but this effect disappeared after repeated use. With high doses of THC (50 to 210 mg) REM sleep was decreased in both regular users and nonusers.

i think the sws short wave sleep disturbance marijuana may cause is beneficial in some way. One issue that I have noticed after several years of use that by the time the morning comes its effects have almost completely worn off and this will cause me to wake up and be unable to fall back asleep again. This works out great if I wake up just in time for work but more often than not I find I wake up too early, usually after hours sleep and then I feel tired all day from lack of sleep. The bottom line is that cannabis can induce sleep, and at the proper dosage – found only by observing effects impartially – does not seem to reduce the quality of sleep.

Total sleep time was not affected but deep sleep was decreased. When THC was stopped some rebound in REM sleep was found with reduced sleep time and increased time to fall asleep. Cannabis is a plant with three different strains that reportedly have different psychoactive characteristics depending on the specific chemical make up of the plants. Cannabis sativa is generally the most commonly used strain and is considered the most psychoactive. For example, some samples may be extremely psychedelic while are others are more sedating.

I never dream with weed (REM stage), which is the most fun part of sleep. Then I notice I’m off a little during the day, my time management is off, my decision making is off, etc. Now, one other study also suggested that weed is very positive influence on the body and homeostasis, but repeated use triggers diminishing returns and can lead to overall negative results. Also it helps me with sexual arousal and performance and digestion, but then again after daily use it slows down to a crawl and then starts to do the reverse.

Whether or not cannabis use helps or hurts sleep is not clear from the limited evidence reviewed above. Some advocates believe that it can be very beneficial but at this point, I think the best advice is that natural sleep remains the most optimal. It’s best to use any sleeping medication, whether prescribed, OTC, or obtained from joints, brownies, or bongs, as little as possible. The studies on cannabis and sleep that were conducted in the 1970’s (see Roehrs and Roth, 2011), give some information about the possible affects of cannabis on sleep. Low doses of THC (4 to 20 mg) mildly decreased REM sleep in both regular users and nonusers.

The legal boundaries to the reasonable study of cannabis are ludicrous and need to be dropped, as many of the components of this plant bear medicinal qualities for a very wide range of ailments. It is only those doctors looking to avoid harassment by the AMA that refuse to publicly acknowledge the medical potential of this plant. As for the author, this is a well-written article, with careful yet supportive words for cannabis research.

You might be going out on a limb yourself to favorably report on cannabis, and for that I salute you! Clearly, many people are using cannabis as a sleeping agent and further research is needed, if a way can be found to do this despite the current legal difficulties to conducting marijuana research.

I guess people want to feel a super strong hit from it to feel like its ‘good stuff’. But now there is a growing desire for low THC and high CBD content strains, CBD being much more medicinal and sedating that the dizziness of the psychotropic THC high. I am about CBD hemp oil for sale to try growing my own – I’ll treat it as a hobby and hope that the results may actually be favourable. I am looking the only few places selling verified high CBD strains with minimal THC.